Professor Walter Lang Seminar on Micro-Sensor Technology – Royal University (RUB)

Location: Royal University of Bhutan

Date: 05 October, 2023

As a part of European Union-funded project titled “Strategic Support for Accreditation of Programs and Internationalisation at South Asian Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) – SSAPI” under Erasmus+ Capacity Building Higher Education Programme,two Professors from University of Bremen, Germany, conducted a series of seminars and workshops for  faculties and students of College of Science & Technology(CST), Royal University(RUB) from  3rd to 5th October 2023.

Professor Walter Lang from the Electrical Engineering Department, University of Bremen facilitated the “Micro Sensor Technology” seminar which was held on 3rd to 5th October 2023. This seminar delved into the fundamentals  of sensors, the design, and fabrication of microsensors. It was attended by second-year students of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of  Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Bachelor of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, along with interested faculty members.

SSAPI, ERASMUS, College of Science & Technology(CST), Royal University(RUB), Bhutan