The University of Peradeniya was originally established in 1942. This is the largest residential university of Sri Lanka situated in the hill capital occupying 775.89 hectares of land. Apparently, this has been recognized as one of the most eye-catching universities in Sri Lanka or perhaps in South East Asia, for its scenic beauty.

University’s aim is to be “a centre of excellence in higher education with national, regional and global standing” while describing itself as “the most comprehensive university in Sri Lanka today”. The University of Peradeniya’s vision is to provide a uniquely transformative experience for its students, staff, and partners, whilst serving the public through producing and implementing innovative research and outreach programmes that are anchored in its founding values and principles.

The University of Peradeniya hosts nine faculties, three postgraduate institutes, and ten centres. The university takes pride in its remarkable contribution bestowed towards national development by promoting education and research in the fields of Medicine, Agriculture, Arts, Science, Engineering, Dental Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Management, and Allied Health Science.

Being the pioneer university and the leading research university in Sri Lanka, the University of Peradeniya facilitating and promoting technology-based entrepreneurship including, start-ups and spin-offs and national economic development. The research activities carried out by the academic staff and students of the university have led to key publications in indexed journals, national and international awards and recognitions and innovations, and commercialization of products.

Project Goals

Internationalization involves various strategic and structural improvements effected to the curriculum of study programmes, involvement of international researchers and students, exchange of staff and students with universities and research institutions outside the national boundaries.

The project aims to uplift the standards of the higher education system of partner country HEIs, in line with international standards and policies. It aims to create learning and practicing opportunities for HEIs staff including administrative staff, faculty, students, and researchers. Training will focus on learning from EU partners and developing procedures to modernize the education system. It will contribute effectively in creating reforms in the overall higher education system of the partner HEIs.

The project will also address the academic policies, rules, and structures, as well as the teaching methodologies and delivery mechanisms for modernizing the overall system. Hence ‘Strategic Support for Accreditation of Programmes and Internationalization at South Asian Higher Education Institutes’ (SSAPI has the following major objectives):

  • Support the Faculties to institutionalize systematic and effective Intuitional Reviews (IR) and Programme Review processes (compilation of IR and Self Evaluation Reports).
  • Support the University of Peradeniya through strategic support to Faculties to improve international rankings of the University.
  • To support internationalization of selected degree programmes at the level of Faculties
  • Develop a system and a process for obtaining local and international accreditation for selected degree programmes.

Project Members

Prof. Dhammika Herath

Professor in Sociology

Project Manager

Prof. Anoma Abhayaratne

Senior Professor in


Team Member

Prof. Shameen Jinadasa

Professor in Civil

Engineering/ Director –

International Relations Office

Team Member

Dr. Asela Kulathunga

            Senior Lecturer                      

Faculty Coordinator

Nuresh Eranda

Senior Lecturer

Faculty Coordinator

Deepthi Ihalage

Project Secretory