Seminar on Program Accreditation, Internationalisation of Universities – Royal University (RUB)

Location: Royal University of Bhutan

Date: 03 – 05 October, 2023

Professors Klaus Dieter Thoben and Walter Lang led a seminar that was centred on the Evolution of standard of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for European Universities, Bologna Convention, and the significance of internationalisation in higher education institutions. The ECTS system quantifies the total workload required to achieve programme objectives, encompassing various activities such as  learning, reading, academic writing, lab research, and more. ECTS simplest credit transfer and programme equivalence comparisons across different European universities. The Bologna Convention/Process entails a series of agreements drawn between European countries to ensure common standards, quality and comparability of higher education qualifications fostering flexible mobility through common tools shared among different universities across Europe. The session was attended by the CST SSAPI project team as well as interested faculty and students.

SSAPI, ERASMUS, College of Science & Technology(CST), Royal University(RUB), Bhutan