Sri Lanka Conference & Project Review Meeting

Location: UoP and SLTC, Sri Lanka

Date: 2nd to 06th December, 2023

SSAPI, ERASMUS, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka Technological Campus, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka conference and project review meeting took place on 02-06 December 2023 in Sri Lanka hosted by the University of Peradeniya and Sri Lanka Technological Campus. participants from the 11 Partners participated in this conference and the meeting. Partners presented their progress, identified the gaps, formulated plans to meet the gaps for accreditation and internationalization of their respective universities. This was an opportunity to learn from each other and also to comment on each others progress and gaps. The participants also met the top administrators of the University of Peradeniya. More than 50 other participants from the University of Peradeniya also participated in the conference and learnt about accreditation from the presentations made by the 11 partners. Therefore, this conference was a great platform for dissemination as well. The conference and the project meeting also led to discussions about signing new MOUs between the University of Peradeniya and the partners for future and greater collaboration in teacher and students exchanges, research collaboration, and joint applications.