Three Day Training Session – Day 3 – Dr. Tobias Sprodowski

Location: National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

Date: 18 – 20 September, 2023

Three-day training program conducted by Dr. Tobias Sprodowski from SSAPI Partner Institute University of Bremen, Germany at FAST – National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences concluded with immense success and appreciation from the esteemed Rector of the University.

Under the insightful guidance of Dr. Sprodowski, the students and faculty delved into international perspectives, research insights, and interdisciplinary collaborations. His expertise added a remarkable dimension to our academic landscape.

A heartfelt acknowledgement to Dr. Tobias Sprodowski for his dedication and knowledge sharing during this SSAPI training event. The FAST – NUCES Rector recognized and commended Dr. Sprodowski for his exceptional efforts in making this program a true success story.